​Moving Cleaning


Vacuum Wash all floors

Remove cobwebs

Clean window frames
​Clean all bathrooms

Clean kitchen

Clean light fixtures

Clean ceiling fans

Clean all glass surfaces

Clean inside closets

Clean inside oven

Clean inside refrigerator/freezer

Clean inside/ out kitchen and

bathroom cabinets/drawers

Clean all kitchens counters and

outside appliances



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​​Rental property Cleaning

Homes and Apartments

Homes and apartments

Kitchen- Clean inside/outside

all kitchen cupboards, Clean

inside/outside of oven, Clean

inside/ outside microwave, wash 

inside/outside of dishwasher,

clean inside/ outside refrigerator,

clean light switches and plugs

plates, Clean  all counter tops ;

Sweep and wash hard surface

floors by hand damp wipe

window ledges.

Bathrooms- Scrub and disinfect

bathroom floors, Scrub and

disinfect toilet, Clean and

sanitize bath and & showers, shower

doors and tiles, Scrub bathroom

sinks, wipe all counters, Clean

inside all cabinets and drawers,

Clean mirrors, bedrooms -

Vacuum and mop (If necessary)

Maintenance House Cleanings

Whole House


Remove cobwebs

vacuum all carpets

Change sheets if needed

Dust ceiling fans

Clean mirrors and glass surfaces

Wipe window sills Clean glass


Wipe all light switches and plug


Clean prints on windows and/doors

Remove all garbage

Reline waste baskets Wash all

floors by hand

In the bathrooms

Clean/sanitize sinks

Clean/sanitize tubs, shower,


Clean mirrors

Dust light fixtures and bulbs

Wash floors by hand

In the kitchen

Clean all counter tops

Clean inside/outside microwave

Wipe down cabinet facings

Clean all appliances outside 

Polish stainless steel appliances

Clean glass doors

Clean/Sanitize/ Polish sinks

Wash Floors By Hand

Initial home cleanings should include all the cleaning services performed during maintenance cleanings, plus the following:

Clean all wall Hangings

Remove all books and clean bookshelves

Wet wash baseboards and door facings

Clean window sills

Clean Light fixtures

Clean outside of cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms

Clean ceiling Fans

Dust vents

Vacuum/ sweep under beds and furniture.

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